Paige Craig’s photography is timeless, sensual, elegant, and bold. With over 20 years in the industry, her commercial and fashion photographic works have been published worldwide, including global campaigns for BMW motorcycles, Slink jeans, international portraits for Starbucks, fashion campaigns for Nordstrom, NYDJ, Grey Ant, Maxim magazine, and countless independent labels… the list goes on. She has developed talent for modeling agencies like Wilhelmina, Ford, IMG, LA Models, Elite… Her art has taken her (and her subjects) all over the world.

But to call her a photographer, an artist of light, is alone yet not far enough, for her exploration of life and language, spirituality and sex, light and shadow, music and poetry shine out from her tireless inquisitiveness into their mysterious, deeply human origins. These passions come to nexus in the fertile living extension of herself, the small sanctuary she named Ghost Gardens, where she now lives. Paige’s reputation for skill is second to her well known ability to make friends with anyone and everyone.  She is warm, humble, friendly, playful, and irresistibly charming.  A celebrity, a magician, a comedian, an empowerment guru, and a gardener…. the beginning of a joke?  No… just a random afternoon in Ghost Gardens, the hidden gem where Paige calls home and where she began her artist collective.  Here, human creation is given free license to find it’s own way. In this rambling, wild, organic tiny corner of Los Angeles, Paige has created a unique farm in the very heart of urbanity, where she and her many animal and human friends let the chemistry of creative passion bear the best fruit. Paige’s investigation of light’s play on “Bodies in Nature” is the crystallization of the passions of Paige’s purest creative expression: beauty, grace, nature, and most particularly, love are painted here in the boldest strokes.  “Bodies in Nature” is the sensual and spiritual connection between humanity and nature, where Paige hopes to reconnect viewers to the innate oneness of earth and body, as she depicts the human form, not as a separate entity, but interwoven with creation itself.  The "Bodies in Nature" collection will be published in book form late 2016.